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Healing and Expanding Awareness with Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?


Energy Medicine is a branch of Homeopathy. They are tinctures, taken orally. (Bach Flower Essences are the most well known)
They are completely different from essential oils and aromatherapy.
Through the use of sunlight, the energetic healing pattern of the flower or Gem is imprinted into water. Alcohol is added as a preservative.
Energy Medicine has been used for thousands of years by many cultures, from Australian Aboriginals to Tibetan Buddhist Monks. They were “rediscovered” by Dr. Edward Bach of England in the 1930’s. He developed thirty-eight flower essences, updating the use and understanding of the natural healing qualities of flowering plants and trees. Many more have been developed since then.



Why use them?
Energy Medicine is an effective, life–changing tool.

Here are some of their many uses:

• Reduces Emotional Stress

• Clarity, Vitality, Sense of Well-Being

• Catalysts for Growth, Creativity, Transformation

• Insight and Deeper Understanding

• Feel Renewed Hope, Inspiration, and Joy

• Reduce and Release Fear

• Move Forward with Greater Confidence and Purpose

In conjunction with other modes of healing, they:

• Help Stabilize and Integrate Healing

• Increase Effectiveness

• Reduce Healing Time

Energy Medicine Remedies are:

• Safe and gentle enough for babies.

• Natural. They leave no chemical side - effects

• Not habit forming. As you absorb the “lesson” of the gems and  flowers,

the remedy’s action gradually becomes neutral.



How do they work?
In a similar way to acupuncture, they transform an individual’s energy, opening “blockages” and bringing balance. Subtle Energy Balance Shifts Create Profound Changes. They promote oneness of mind, body, and spirit to encourage deeper understanding, optimal health, and a sense of well-being.

Some people just feel better! The more attuned a person is to his or her inner life; the easier it is to recognize the subtle changes that occur. Over time, thoughts and attitudes that create limiting patterns become more apparent. This increased awareness and understanding becomes a catalyst for further change.

*Each person is unique and best results are attained when formulas are created specifically to match each person.


Diane Dreizen has been studying, manufacturing, and healing with these remedies for over 20 years In her private practice, Diane offers Energy Medicine Consultations with individualized formulas, and she uses them as one of her tools in conjunction with her Life Coaching.



"I can't thank you enough for your energy medicine. That, in combination with the sessions and I can't even begin to explain the acceptance I've had with my relationship with my boyfriend. It's truly amazing." - Z Montefusco




The tincture you made for me was amazing. … to think about “taking the long view”. So thank you!" - MB, Hillsboro, Oregon

“…the flower essences are working great!!! I had another reaction to them about two hours after I left you, kind of like a really great massage. I am taking them four times a day and each time it seems to last a little longer.

Thank you so much; it was just what I wanted!!!" - Yolanda Russell, Orlando, Florida


For more information on Energy Medicine, visit to www.EarthSkyEssences.com